At Epic Home Healthcare, we work to identify the client’s indicators for a potential mental health crisis and develop successful strategies of de-escalation.

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Epic Home Healthcare is a new culturally sensitive organization with the purpose of providing psychosocial and mental health services to diverse adult minority populations.

Over the years Epic Home Healthcare has been involved in working collaboratively with team members to ensure that meaningful support is provided.

All staff members are trained to recognize the precursors to a crisis and will work with the client to implement these strategies and avoid more intensive mental health interventions in a manner that is as transparent as possible.

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Our ICS Services

At Epic Home Healthcare, we tailor our  Integrated Community Support Services (ICS) program services to fit the family culture, to meet the consumer’s needs and to be flexible in schedule and design.

Community Participation
ICS Services in this category may include Community mobility and pedestrian safety (e.g., safely getting in and around the community), Community resource use and access, etc.
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Health, Safety and Wellness
This category may include: Collaboration with the person to arrange health care (e.g., physical, mental, chemical), meaningful activities, social services, meetings and appointments, etc.
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Household Management
This category may include: Cueing, guidance, supervision, training or instructional support to complete routine household care and maintenance, Household safety knowledge and skills, etc.
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Adaptive Skills
This category may include: Crisis prevention skills, Implementation of positive support strategies, Problem-solving, Sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills, etc.
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At Epic Home Health, we e believe that an excellent patient-caregiver relationship equals exceptional care so we make to prioritize collaboration with you and your family. Regardless of the stage of care that you are in, you can count on us to enthusiastically meet you halfway.
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