At Epic Home Healthcare, we work to identify the client’s indicators for a potential mental health crisis and develop successful strategies of de-escalation.

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What is Integrated Community Supports (ICS)?

Integrated Community Supports (ICS): Services that provide support and training in community living service categories to adults age 18 and older who reside in a living unit of a provider-controlled, ICS setting (e.g., apartment in a multi-family housing building). ICS can be delivered up to 24 hours per day in the person’s living unit or in the community.

Core services of ICS: See “Covered Services” section on the ICS page of the DHS website for more details on the following:

Community Participation
ICS Services in this category may include Community mobility and pedestrian safety (e.g., safely getting in and around the community), Community resource use and access, etc.
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Health, Safety and Wellness
This category may include: Collaboration with the person to arrange health care (e.g., physical, mental, chemical), meaningful activities, social services, meetings and appointments, etc.
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Household Management
This category may include: Cueing, guidance, supervision, training or instructional support to complete routine household care and maintenance, Household safety knowledge and skills, etc.
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Adaptive Skills
This category may include: Crisis prevention skills, Implementation of positive support strategies, Problem-solving, Sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills, etc.
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